No matter what season you travel in, arriving with young children in tow brings unique challenges as well as opportunities.  At Oceans Luxury Realty, we encounter many young families that are seeking the comfort and stability of a vacation rental as opposed to traditional hotel accommodations so we’ve learned a thing or two!  Here are some tried and true tips we offer to our guests:



Tip #1: Rent What You Can!

If you are traveling to a popular tourist destination such as Daytona Beach, there should be a plethora of rental agencies to choose from.  Even when traveling by vehicle, cargo space is precious.  Leave the bulky items at home and arrange for a rental agency to deliver what you need upon arrival.  Here in the greater Daytona Beach area there are a few companies to choose from but our favorite is  They are accustomed to working with our agency and even arrange to gain access to the property before you arrival so that everything is ready the moment you walk in the door!  They also let you leave it all behind and work with Oceans Luxury Realty behind the scenes to pick it all up after check out, making it effortless for our guests.  They have everything you could need for your vacation such as baby and beach gear, roll-away beds, and even bicycle rentals.



Tip #2: Get your Groceries Delivered or Arrange for Pick-Up

If you think of past vacations, one of the first to-do items was most likely heading to the local grocery store to stock up for the fun ahead.  While this doesn’t always seem like much of a chore, the more people you are traveling with the more stressful this task can be.  Nowadays there are so many convenient choices for grocery delivery as well as grocery pick-up.  Here locally, there are a few delivery companies to choose from such as Shipt, Instacart, and Aldi Delivery just to name a few.  If you don’t already subscribe to any of those services, consider signing up for a free trial just before your vacation starts.  Or, consider using Walmart’s completely free Grocery Pick-Up service.

All of these options allow you to order ahead, giving all the guests in your party an opportunity to add their items to the virtual cart.  Even if you don’t plan on cooking, it’s always great to have snacks and beverages on hand.



Tip #3: Pick the Right Vacation Rental

Here at Oceans Luxury Realty, we have a wide-range of vacation rentals to fit everyone’s different needs and budgets.  Below we’ve hand-picked a few of our most family friendly rental properties:

     Most Budget Friendly – Seabridge Condos #111 and #309

Most Family Friendly with a Pool – Beach Agenda House and Coral Paradise House


Most Family Friendly Directly on the Ocean – Mediterranean Villa and Sandy Feet Retreat House